Training & Events

MLGHRA Meeting March 20, 2024 at 9 AM (rescheduled from March 13). MLGHRA Executive Board to follow at 10:30AM

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Deanna Doyle, PLD Plan Administrator, and Gary Emery, DC Plan Administrator, will be providing MainePERS updates and sharing information about the MaineStart Program.

Next, benefits attorneys Steve Gerlach and Molly Gilligan from Bernstein Shur will discuss Employee Retirement Plans and Home Rule:  A primer on municipalities’ increasing role in tax compliance.  They will cover the impact of recent cases and legislation on retirement plan compliance for municipalities.  The presenters will provide background on the tax rules municipalities commonly run into when maintaining their employees’ retirement plans, then discuss recent changes in case law and legislation that alter the landscape and put more responsibility for tax compliance on the municipalities.  Topics will include section 401(a) compliance—as applied to both MainePERS and separately sponsored 401(a) plans—as well as 457(b) plans.  The presenters will also discuss documentary compliance issues and ensuring that all of your documents are working together—for example, retirement plan documents, municipal ordinances, employment policies and handbooks, and collective bargaining agreements. Finally, the presenters will discuss recent MainePERS legislation that has drastically changed the eligibility landscape.

April 2, 2024: Spring Workshop (topic TBD) – MMA Augusta and Zoom

November 5, 2024: Fall Workshop (topic TBD) – MMA Augusta and Zoom


Upcoming Meetings, Conferences and Topics:

  • 1/17/24 – Zoom
  • 3/20/24 – Zoom
  • 5/15/24 – Zoom
  • 7/10/24 – Zoom
  • 9/11/24 – Zoom
  • 11/13/24 – Zoom

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